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  1. Moose tracks

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The Boar Knife Image Gallery

A hand forged drop point, fixed blade bush survival knife.  Hand forged from circular 6 foot x 5/16 inch thick, high carbon headsaw steel. Hardened and differentially tempered, blending tempers keeping the knife's spine and tang tough and the edge strong. This custom Boar has a 5 1/2" handle, 1/4" thick spine with moose antler scales held with threaded and peened brass pins. The tang is hollow ground and tapered keeping the balance at the copper and brass guard. The guard is brazed and pinned.  Moose antler and peened copper spacers assure a tight fit for one solid knife. The original Boar knife.

  1. Hand forged survival knife
  2.  handmade survival knife.
  3. raven tooled into the survivsl knife's sheath
  4. Hunting knife sheathed
  5. Handforged survival/ hunting knife
  6. 12 inch hand forged knife
  7. Making a survival knife
  8. Custom knife work
  9. big handmade survival knife
  10. brass and copper work on the Boar knife guard
  11. Survival knife handle
  12. handmade neck knife
  13. Neck knife being worn

- Custom handmade survival knives

The Boar Neck Knife you see in the gallery is $1200.
From 6 to 12 inch blades starting at $1100.
Add $250 an inch.

The sheath is handmade, tooled and saddle stitched by hand. A leg tie is provided on the sheath.
A strong, tough knife.

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