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Wiseman Bushcraft Knife
Nessmuk/ Mountain Man Knife

The Wiseman knife could have,
a 3/16" spine, 6" hand forged lumber mill head  saw steel blade, full and hollow ground tang for balance.  Fit with a choice of wood scales set with threaded pins, stainless or brass, peened. A brass lanyard insert and a moose antler butt pinned to the tang of the 5 inch long handle.
Braided lanyards and one handed locking lanyards for absolute security are optional. We'll build it to your specifications. Spine thickness, blade length and balanced.

 Hand Forged Bushcraft Knife Image Gallery
-Nessmuk/Mountain man Custom Handmade Bushcraft knife

Starts at $950.
- steel butt, $150,
- firesteel and loop, $125,
- custom pouch, $110,
( with a diamond stone $130)
- locking lanyards, $150.

The Bushcraft Knife Review

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