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Hand forged  from high carbon 72" headsaw steel.  The blade is 7" long, 5/16" thick at the spine, and tapers down to a razor edge.  A hollow ground full tang, for balance at the guard, set into antler crown scales for the handle . Six stainless steel threaded pins hold the scales. The guard is copper and brass brought just before melting and hammered together.  Copper and antler inserts. It is a heavy duty working knife. Hardened and differentially tempered to keep an exceptional edge. The overall length is 11 and 3/4 inches.

A choice of sheaths. Deep sheaths or blade sheaths. More info about our sheaths please visit our, www.caribooblades.com/custom-sheaths www

- Canadian wilderness survival knife

We carried the Moose knife for a few years, processed moose and deer, split a lot of wood. Whenever we go out our front door into the boreal forest we would wear this knife.  Tried and tested.                              Price, $1200

Options would include a
-firesteel with a hand carved walnut handle set and a loop sewn into the sheath ($160)
- a diamond stone for touchups in the field set in a pouch sewn into the sheath ($130).

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