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We recovered big old sawmill sawblades, bandsaw blade and planer blade that were used in the Cariboo/Chilcotin to cut up big trees in the British Columbian mills when we moved into the bush here. We rested the box of our pick up on the differential a few times. In a short time we had enough high carbon steel to last 30 or 40 years.
These strong and tough steels are an excellent choice for tools and knives.  All the steel has been tried and tested by us (and the mills).

Considering the impact lumber mill saw blades have had on our planet and the superb steel the old saw blades were made from, it seems insane that they were thrown out or used to make cheap pots and car doors.

We approach every knife and tool we make as an individual piece of working art. Materials are hand picked and crafted for each piece and considered for the significance and durability. 90% of each piece is made from recovered materials. Handmade to last generations. Our knife shop is small, simple and powered by the sun.  The knife shop's solar power set up. We choose not to use buffing machines or pneumatic hammers.  With simple tools we create working art with soul.

Both of us are trained artists.  Like any disipline art is practiced. We practice art by seeing it everywhere. Cariboo Blades, Aki Yamamoto and Scott Richardson and their son Kai, have been on the internet since 2006 and has been in the business of making knives and tools since 1997. We recover and re-use.

We don't post much anymore but it is a good description on how we survive in the bush.                                   
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.We've been working full time making knives and tools since 1997. Living in the working forest and close to central British Columbia's lumber mills we have worked and tested, experimented and researched different steels used in the logging and mill industry. The recycling bin at 1 mill could support 20 knifemakers.
The extra work involved recovering and processing is worth it. 18 inch to 6 foot circular saw blades 3/32 " 
to 5/16" thick, chipper blades up to 4' x 3/4" thick. Excellent steel for kitchen, woodworking and bush tools.  

​Saw blade steels are carbon steels with a combination of molybdenum, chromium and nickel. The high amounts of vanadium, molybdenum and tungsten make the steel resistant to wear, which lends itself to strong edge holding. .  
Without carbon, the steel cannot be hardened. Nickel improves the toughness of the steel and helps reduce distortion in the quenching process but is mostly for toughness. Silicon is added for durability and makes the edge last longer and hold tension longer. Manganese increases tensile strength and durability. Chromium aids in fending off rust.  Chrome also improves wear resistance, resists softening in the temper process and increases hardenability of steel.  Molybdenum, commonly referred to as “Moly” is essential for the control of the hardness of the steel when tempering.

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.Recovering materials, growing our own food, making one of a kind heavy duty hand tools and knives, creating art, while leaving a light footprint. We are a small family business.  Living and working in isolation, by the sun, off the grid in the boreal forest on the edge of the Chilcotin plateau in central British Columbia.
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