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Heavy Duty Cleaver

- Saw Tooth Cleaver, kitchen tool Review

Bernard McDonough
Executive Chef
Turka and Caicos Sporting Club
Ambergris Cay

Hi Aki and Scott,

 I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with my new cleaver.  I did receive the cleaver in time for the bbq and it stole the attention of all who attended (no small feat considering the 16 hr smoked local grass fed beef briskets and the 12 hr smoked Berkshire pork shoulders.)
​The blade is unbelievably sharp, the handle contours exactly to the shape of my hand, and the overall aesthetic is awe-inspiring. All of my knives have histories connected to the products that they have come in contact with and the meals that they help produce. I feel extremely lucky to be in possession of a tool that already has such intrinsic history from its previous life as the saw blade.
​Once again thanks for the amazing tool. It is truly a work of art and will become one of my most cherished heirloom cooking tools. I have commissioned many custom knives but never without prior knowledge of the craftsmen and their work. If you would like a quote to put on your website I would be happy to write something for you. This might help others who may be a little hesitant about the nature of buying without actually seeing or holding your work.

 I look forward to using this cleaver for many years 
as will future generations.

Bernard McDonough

Heavy duty cleavers. Hardened and differentially tempered high carbon 
lumber mill saw blade steel.  A  7, 8, 9", ... razor sharp cutting edge that holds with 3/16 or 1/4" spines, full tang with a 6" moose antler handle. The saw teeth make a great meat tenderizer. We set them in apple wood knot blocks.  This cleaver is like no other.  Hunter's cleavers, butchers and cooks.                  
                                   Starting at $975.

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