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The Kirsten Knife Gallery

-Custom Made Drop Point Hunting Knife

A smaller strong versatile knife with a 3.5mm thick spine. The blade is 3" full tang, D2 steel with a dropped point.  The handle is 3 1/2 inches long with moose antler scales. We hand forged the D2 high carbon steel (recovered planer blade). After forging and finishing we harden the steel in oil and differntially temper the blade, spine and tang for a tough tool.  A reliable knife for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, cutting rope, bailing twine and a fine carving knife.

  1. Bushcraft/ Hunting Knife set
  2. The Kirsten Knife
  3. Horse riders knife
  4. utility knife
  5. Wiseman and Kirsten camp/hunting knife set profile.
  6. Knife sheathed
  7. Handmade utility knife, the Kirsten
  8. D2 knife blade
  9. handmade hunting knife
  10. horse riding sheath carry at 20 degrees
  11. Hunting tool set

We offer braided lanyard systems for absolute security on all our knives. Smooth one handed operations.
A long braided lanyard or two short locking lanyards for absolute security.
The sheath has leather ties to secure your knife into its sheath.

The Rider's knife includes a locking lanyard system, a custom belt loop set at 30 degrees or the angle you prefer. We include an original custom motif on your sheath and initials if you want.

 The Kirsten Rider would be $875.

.Price starts at $700.

Options include:
- firesteel and loop, $125
- locking lanyards, $150
- custom belt loop, $35
- short braided lanyard, $35

- A horse riders knife

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