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The Kootenay Hunting Knife Gallery
- custom made drop point hunting knife

Hand forged hardened and differentially tempered (blending tough and strong tempers from the blade tip to butt) from recovered lumber mill planer blade steel, D2.  The knife has a 4 1/2 inch long blade with a slightly hollow ground bevel,  4mm /  3/16" spine,  4 1/2" handle with a hollow ground tang for balance at the guard.

You can choose between hooded deep sheaths or open deep sheaths.
Longer and shorter lanyard systems for security.
Price: $1250

  1. handmade hunting knife
  2. Handmade hunting knife
  3. Custom made hunting knife with style
  4. hunting knife being held in hand
  5. Handforged knife blade
  6. Hunting Knife Set
  7. another style of handmade sheath. Kootenai hunting knife
  8. Kootenai handmade hunting knife
  9. Hunting and bushcraft knives
  10. Right profile of the Kootenay hunting knife

We used a piece of a processor saw bar to create the guard and filled the chain slot with copper. Copper and cocobollo inserts with black walnut scales secured with 5 stainless threaded pins and a copper lanyard insert make up its handle.
The braided lanyard includes a handmade antler bead woven into it.  Balanced and comfortable with an edge that lasts.The sheath is made from 8 oz leather, saddle stitched by hand, hand tooled and custom fit.

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