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  1. Moose tracks
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                                    Since 1997

Prices are in Canadian Dollars

Custom Handmade Fixed Blade,
Bushcraft Knives
Wilderness Survival Knives 
Hunting Knives

Recovered, recycled high carbon steels

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  1. Ghost saw blade
  2. Big circular head saw blade
  3. Cutting steel for large bushcraft and survival knives, woodcarving and timber hand tools

We live in the bush and are powered by the sun.

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Mountain Caribou
Custom Hand Forged Handmade Bushcraft Survival Knife

Mountain Caribou Image Gallery

Kootenay Knife
.- Handmade Hunting Knife
Hand Forged from D2 Steel
Image gallery to the Kootenai

Handmade Ulus

Handmade ulus.
We recover mill bandsaw steel and thicker carbon sawblade steel for the heavier ulus. The blades are  hardened and differentially tempered for strength, toughness.

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Custom to order Handmade ulu page

The Boar Knife
From a 2 1/2 inch full tang blade custom handmade neck knife to a 12 inch custom hand forged blade bush knife.
The Boar Survival Knife Image gallery

Handmade Camp Knives
- heavy duty, hand forged camp knife

Handmade Camp Knife Gallery

The Moose Knife

-- Canadian custom made survival knife

The Moose Knife Image Gallery

Maple Tiger

Maple Tiger Bushcraft Knife Image gallery.
Handmade Bushcraft knife/ Hunting Knife
Bushcraft Knife Image gallery

Handmade  Bushcraft Knives.
Mountain Man/Nessmuk Knife, the Wiseman.
Custom Handmade and Hand Forged Bushcraft Survival Knife

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Bushcraft Knife review

Hand Made Fillet Knives

Lumber Mill Band saw Blade Steel

Carbon  steel recovered from bandsaw blade steel. This steel has great tensile strength, flexibility, keeps an edge.  
 7 , 8 and 9 inches long blades, 1/16 inch thick and differentially tempered. We can use bandsaw blade steel that is very thin, 3/64", and has a cobalt content. It holds a great edge.  We can forge a spoon onto an extended tang.

Crown Fillet Knives

Fillet Knife Image gallery
Brass guard and an antler crown handle. Peened copper. The tang is inserted 3" into the antler and then pinned with threaded stainless or brass pins.

The fillet knives  come with a deep handmade, tooled and handstitched sheath, saddle stitch, designed and made by Aki. Every knife is  special and unique.

   Starting at $1000, 
$150/ extra inch,
$100 for a forged spoon on the tang's end.                                                                                  
 Kirsten (Rider's) Knife
Dropped point hunting
Handmade fishing knife
Horse rider's knife.

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The Kirsten Knife Image Gallery
.LIFETIME GUARANTEE      We guarantee your complete satisfaction with the materials and workmanship on all our tools and knives. All our knives can be sent to us to be sharpened. The sharpening is on us.
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